Feminising the mid-lower face FFS: Lips, Chin, Jaw angle, cheeks, nasolabial folds & lower teeth show (Photo)

I am desperate for some advice and looking for an appropriate surgeon in any country is fine- happy to travel. I have had a few procedures ,including chin contouring, cheek implants, top lip lift but im not satisfied with the result. I feel my top lip needs lifting a fraction since chin countouring as my chin is shorter now and I also have lower tooth show more now than pre chin contouring any suggestions would be great... Thanks in advance...

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Lower Facial Feminization Procedures

From a facial proportions standpoint, the length of your upper lip could be shortened more. (subnasal lip lift) The lower tooth show appears to be the result of the chin contouring procedure and soft tissue/muscle sag. That could be treated by mentalis muscle/soft tissue resuspension and a V- Y mucosal lengthening procedure on the inside of the lower lip. There also appears to be some redundant tissue in the submental area under the chin due to the chin contouring/shortening. Some liposuction or a submental tuck up can be beneficial for that issue. Your jaw angles are very obliquely oriented and I assume that some improved jaw angle definition would be consider beneficial. Small jaw angle implants that create some increase in the vertical angle position and shape would improve that part of the jawline.

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Facial feminization after lip lift etc.

I need to know when your procedures were done to give you advice.  I have 35 years of experience with facial feminization procedure.  Face forward and profile photos are preferred.  

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