Teeth extractions for orthodontics. (photos)

Hi All, I have been recommended to get four pre molars out as my teeth are protruding. I do agree it is protruding but I'm scared it will affect my overall profile negatively! Has anyone had four teeth extracted for minor protrusion?

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Extracting Bicuspids to Correct Protrusion?

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PLEASE DO NOT EXTRACT TEETH! You absolutely do not need to extract teeth to eliminate minor protrusion. If you extract your teeth you will be left with far more space than you need. Your face will change dramatically. Your nose will look bigger, your upper lip will look smaller. Your dental arches will be narrow causing a compromised airway and tongue position. Ultimately, you will be extremely unhappy. 

I have patients come to my office ALL THE TIME, wanting to undo the very treatment you are considering. A much better way to treat your problem is to develop your dental arches. Your smile is already very narrow thus demonstrating your need to expand your dental arches. 

Good luck!

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