Is it Symmastia? (photos)

I had my BA in January. 4 monhts post I asked my doc if my boos were too close. he said "they are fine. otherwise they would look like two individual cups placed on the chest". now I moved to another place and am concerned if I have synmastia. The tissue is elevated. I can push the tissue into my chest. I can seperate the boobs if I contract my pec muscles. I am working out, and dont want to make things worse.

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Is it Symmastia?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery. Although your concerns are understandable, your pictures do not demonstrate symmastia. You are correct in that your breast implants are quite close to the mid line and some skin elevation (tenting) may be present. If, in the long term, you remain concerned about the breast implant positioning, additional surgery (capsulorraphy) will be necessary increase the space between the breast implants.  This internal suture repair of the medial implant capsule plus/minus the use of acellular dermal matrix can be very helpful when it comes to correcting breast implant displacement concerns.  You may find the attached link, demonstrating several cases of symmastia helpful. Best wishes.

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