Rhinoplasty. Help! What sorts of questions should I be asking the surgeon at the consult?

I am scheduled for a rhinoplasty consultation with a plastic surgeon. What sorts of questions should I be asking and what should I be looking for?

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Hi. The biggest issue you face is explaining what you want your nose to look like. Concentrate on being specific. Ask whether the surgeon is an Australian trained ASPS plastic surgeon and if they have a subspecialty interest in rhinoplasty like I do. Ask to see before and afters. I dont put much weight in computer morphing. 



Questions to ask during a rhinoplasty consultation

Hi, thanks for your question. 

I would spend the majority of your time with two main focuses. Firstly, ensure you and your surgeon are on the same page regarding your desires, your expectations and what he/ she feels they can deliver in your particular case (not all noses are the same). Bring some photos along, consider looking at some 3D morphing photos of your "before" and "after" photos together (however, in some cases 3D predictive photo software has limitations and may not give an accurate representation) and spend time reviewing your surgeon's before and after photos to ensure you like what you see. Secondly, ensure you are seeing the right person. Are they a Specialist Plastic Surgeon (in Australia they will be a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons - ASPS)? Do you have a good rapport with them and find it easy to discuss your concerns? How long have they been in practice and how many rhinoplasties do they undertake per year? What is their revision rate and what is their revision policy? Don't simply rely on internet "reviews".

Hope this helps. 

Paul Quinn

Rhinoplasty consult

Plan on having your surgeon digitally manipulate your photos to show you how he is planning to address your nose.  If you like his plan, then you have communicated well with him your desires and expectations.  

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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