Rhinoplasty options. (photos)

Located in Melbourne, I am wondering who might specialise in european noses. I really dislike my profile, and my issues are accentuated when I smile. Hoping to reduce size, and the hump. I have wanted to look into this for a long time, however as I am new to the workforce I can only start affording it, but have no idea how extensive the work would be, or the costs OR who to start consultations with. Help!

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Possible rhinoplasty

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Hi Liz1993,

While the given photos are not ideal for full assessment for your nasal shape, the photos clearly demonstrate the presence of hump, and droopy tip when smiling. both of these issues can be corrected simultaneously, along with other issues may be concerned with regarding your nose.

Thailand Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Hi. In my view rhinoplasty is an underestimated operation in the minds of most plastic and ent surgeons and is technically the hardest cosmetic operation we do. It is an operation where millimetres count. Do your research and choose someone with a subspecialty interest. You will likely need a full septorhinoplasty. Costs will vary between $5000 and $15000 out of pocket depending on private insurance. Choose an australian trained plastic surgeon. RegardsDamien


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Whatever you do and wherever you go for your nose, you should also strongly consider a chin implant.

Dennis Barek, MD (retired)
Great Neck Plastic Surgeon

Researching rhinoplasty

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Hi there and thanks for posting. Your nose presents as needing work on the dorsum, tip and possibly septum. All rhinoplasties need a similar amount of work to make them look good, function well and stay that way. Some a little more. Some a little less. An overall reduction and balancing is required, and this will also correct the pull- down when you smile as well as lip position. Cost vary but are usually over $12000 if the rhinoplasty is purely cosmetic. I hope this helps. 

Peter Callan, MBBS
Geelong Plastic Surgeon
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