Rhinoplasty consideration. High nasal bridge (Photo)

I am unhappy with my profile. I feel like my nose bridge is too high and I'd like a narrower and more up tip. I am only 16 and wondering if I should consider rhinoplasty? and what can be done?

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Dorsal profile

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Hi there. You are young, and too young too consider cosmetic rhinoplasty of this nature at this stage.

Having said that your pictures do not seem to reveal a profile that is too high, but that may be because of the angles from which the photographs have been taken. Overall your facial balance seems very good. As far as your tip is concerned, it's also hard to tell.

You need a consultation to determine what are your detailed concerns, and then work out whether or not such surgery could be contemplated in the future.

Don't rush in! You need to get expert advice. Overall you have an attractive face and your nose seems well balanced from what I can see!

I hope this helps. 

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