Push up bra with implants?

I'm curious to know what would happen if someone with implants wore a push up bra quite a lot? I am only 4 weeks post op so I'm not wearing a normal bra yet. I'm happy with my sizing and everything but as I've never really bra shopped properly before I'm curious to know what the effects of a push up bra might be? I can't help but think it could change the shape over a long period of time. Because of the padding in the corners of the bra?

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Push up bra

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After breast augmentation surgery the use of a surgery bra is mainy for comfort. I routinely us a post surgical bra for support/comfort and to hold the initial post operative dressing in place. The use of a "push up" bra in the early postoperative period should not help but definitely may harm the eventual outcome. Your body starts making scar around 4-5 days after surgery. With the use of a "push up" bra early after surgery, the pocket/capsule may form too high resulting in an undesirable outcome. I recommend no use of underwire bras or bras with significant support for 1-3 months after surgery depending on the patient.

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