PS tells me I have a disconnect to what he did for me surgically and what I see in a mirror, I am so disappointed, feeling lost?

4 months after:-facial asymmetry, incision lines disaster, puckers, lumps and bumps, fat overfilled face, cheek lift surprise,(non-consented, never being discussed before surgery) that totally distorted your facial characteristics, making you look alien even to yourself and completely changing facial balance, and instead getting more refined facial features, you see a pillow flat fat face (sponge Bob). Fat pushes mouth down and caves in your eyes + pain

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Thank you for your question. While most facial plastic surgeries require more than 4 months to see any results let alone a result that is likely close to your final appearance, the fact that you received a cheek lift without consent is very concerning. Please consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.Best wishes,

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