Do I have a polly beak? (photos)

I had a primary rhinoplasty in 2010, with a few steroid injections later to reduce swelling. Before my surgery the tip was higher at the end but now it looks like the tip droops and there is a bulge before the end. Do I have a polybeak? I heard that a polybeak can be caused by removing too much of the structures of the tip and it makes it droop, and tip drooping can worsen as you get older. I don't want the tip droop to get worse. Would I benefit from a revision rhinoplasty? What is the cost?

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Polly beak?

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There are a number of reasons for a polly beak or fullness above the tip.  Loss of tip projection in your case may be the cause considering what you have said.

As suggested get an opinion from an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

I hope this helps.

Rhinoplasty - revision - pollybeak

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Hi there, 

     I'm not sure it is a true polly beak, but I get what you're saying. The dorsal line is not quite right, there may be a little tip slumping.

     I suspect it would not take a major or full revision to correct. There is even a possibility that fillers rather than surgery may have a place in your case, which would be great if it were true.

     A careful assessment by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon is the next step, and all the very best.

     Howard Webster

     Plastic Surgeon


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What ever you want to call your nose, it need a revision to make it more aesthetic.

The lower bridge is too high and the upper bridge may be too low ( your pictures are not that good since your eye lashes define the height of the radix and you obscured the lashes)

There is inadequate tip projection and the nose should be rotated up a bit since the nasolabial angle is about 90 degrees.

Find and expert in revision rhinoplasty


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You have a mild polybeak .It looks like your skin is thick at the end  and this can contribute to this. However it is important for an expert rhinoplasty surgeon to feel the thick skin and the swelling above the tip to assess what can be done before knowing how much is involved to correct it

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