Can I have orthognathic surgery to correct small jaw if I have corrected bite with removal of upper teeth and braces? (Photo)

I have a very small jaw and am not confident with success of implants or genioplasty. I originally had an overjet of 9mm & had braces, 2 upper teeth removed and the teeth pulled back. I was recommended jaw surgery prior to this which I regrettingly refused. While I am happier with my teeth I am unhappy with my jaw and would now like to have it corrected, however I fear this is impossible considering I have had orthodontic treatment & teeth removed. Is orthagnic surgery still possible?

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Small lower jaw post orthodontics

You are among many who elect a path that is very difficult to reverse. The treatment plan should always consider 'both teeth/bite and bone'; so a smaller lower jaw needs lower jaw advancement. Also, by extracting upper teeth the smile becomes more narrow and retracted with reduced upper lip support in aging. Best to augment the lower jaw and chin and consider the upper lip esthetics/support as well. Talk to a Maxillofacial surgeon. He will understand

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