Is my nose still too big? (photos)

I had a primary surgery and two tip revision surgeries due to knuckling. I feel like my nose is still too over projected. I said this to my surgeon but he said no it's in proportion with me because I'm tall 5"7 never heard of this. Do you think it's still too big? Is it possible to get another full rhinoplasty done to reduce the size? Also on this surgery 5 months ago I have tip bruising still so would this be a risk? I can also still feel the knuckling he didn't take enough off the tip.

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My nose still looks big?

Hi there. Thanks for the questions.

While I can see a few imbalance issues within your nose, the photos are not of sufficient quality to be able to make a full judgement on this. With your nose I think there probably are areas to be addressed. You obviously feel something is wrong so you need a full assessment. It's generally always possible to do another full rhinoplasty, but it is more difficult due to the scar and you may require graft material from elsewhere such as ear cartilage, rib cartilage, or fascia.

A good nose needs to function well (breathing), look good (be balanced within itself and within the face) and last the test of time. This must be said within the limits of the soft tissues (ie the quality of the skin and lining and its ability to adapt to a new shape). Your height is probably less relevant than these issues.

I hope I have been of some help to you.

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