Will my breasts stay this round and obvious? (photo)

I'm 6 days post op. I was a 34A and got 325cc high profile silicone subglandular. I'm aware I still have some swelling that will go down but at this stage I feel like my breasts are really overly round and obvious, like I have baseballs stuck on my chest. Will they look more natural with time? Will the size decrease?

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The size and shape should settle more as time passes.

At just under a week post-op, you’re definitely not looking at your final results. Your new implants need time to settle into the surgical pockets, which will happen a bit more quickly since you chose subglandular placement rather than submuscular. High profile implants do have a more dramatic look compared to moderate or moderate plus profile. Although the size may decrease as swelling goes down, you will almost certainly notice a slight change in shape as the surrounding tissues adjust to better accept the implants for a more natural look. If you’re not seeing more improvement by about the three month mark, you should definitely check back in with your surgeon about your concerns.

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Will my breasts stay this round and obvious? (photo)

Congratulations on your surgery!  Thank you for your question and photos you posted.  You are very early in your recovery and at only 6 days post-op, it's really too soon to evaluate your results.  Try to be patient and give it a few months for implants to settle and swelling to completely go away and re-evaluate at that time, but keep in mind that because you are above the muscle, you may always appear a bit more round and obvious.  Definitely talk with your surgeon about your concerns though.  Good luck! ac

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Will my breasts stay this round and obvious?

Maybe due to sub glandular placement. That is why most do sub muscular placement. Sorry, seek in person second opinions..// 

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Breast augmentation size

Thank you for your pictures. Your implants should decrease in their size to the decrease in swelling. Hopefully this will improve your outcome as well. 

Good luck.

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Subglandular Implants

Hi Beca. It's normal for women to feel anxious about their results so early after surgery. Your tissues are tight and you are experiencing a lot of swelling, so what you see is not what you will (eventually) get. Give yourself at least 3 months to get a good idea of how your final results will shape up. Having said that, I agree with my colleagues who have said that your implants may always appear more round and pronounced since they are high profile above the muscle. You have a lot of projection from a narrower base with a thinner layer of tissue coverage. Wait and see how they look over the next several weeks, and be sure to share your concerns with your surgeon. He or she wants you to be happy with your results, and should be willing to help you in whatever ways possible.

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Will my breast stay round?

Having your implants on top of the muscle will accentuate the fullness and roundness esp if you did not have much breast tissue to start with. Best to wait for swelling to improve and the breast to settle before seeing your final result.

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Subglandular breast implants always look more round compared to submuscular breast implants

There are two issues here.  Subglandular breast implants will always look more round and ball-like compared with submuscular placement.  With submuscular placement you have the extra thickness of the muscle draping over the top of the breast implant so the transition of the top of the breast to implant looks smoother and more natural.  In addition your natural breast is attached to the pectoral muscle and there are important supporting ligaments that hold the breast to your chest.  When you do a subglandular implant placement most of the supporting ligaments to the breast are cut and the breast tends to lengthen or elongate over time leading to future saggy breasts.  With submuscular implant placement those ligaments are not disturbed so the breast is better supported.  Because of these issues I never recommend subglandular placement of breast implants.  The second issue is the use of high profile type of breast implants.  The higher the profile the more the abrupt transition appears to be.  If it was a natural look you wanted then I would recommend a moderate plus type of breast implant that is placed submuscular.  You would also have better cleavage as that implant is slightly wider.  You currently have a gap between your cleavage.  You have swelling right now so actually its still masking some of the ball-like look.  It will become more obvious when the swelling subsides. 

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Will my breasts stay this round and obvious?

You are only 6 days post surgery; it is normal to still have some swelling. However you might have a more obvious look since your implants are above the muscle. After 3 months most of the swelling should subside. 

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things will settle a bit but you will likely have a more obvious look because the implants are above the muscle but you will be spared the issues with the muscle, everything in breast surgery is a trade off!

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Breast augmentation that are high and swollen

You need to wait a minima of 6 weeks!

In breast augmentation I have chosen to spend time reviewing photographs with patients to fully understand their expectation of size and shape. Many times this simply raises more questions. I will make measurements and use the implant guides to allow the patient to understand exactly the sizes that are reasonable for their body type and measurements.

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