Lump on edge of implant?

1 mo. post op - 240CC textured silicone implants under the muscle w/ breast lift & some tissue removed from my left breast to fix asymmetry. A week ago I found a lump on the bottom outer edge of my left breast that I can 'pop' in & out. If I touch it, it becomes painful. My PS tell me it's scar tissue and will go away; I'm not convinced. I think it is the implant itself. It's very uncomfortable, I can see it protruding a bit. Why has this happened and how can it be fixed? I can't put up with it.

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It could be the implant or scar tissue.  Your description makes it sound more like an implant.  However, your plastic surgeon can do a physical exam and better guess what it is.  Any lump in the breast should be taken seriously and may need to be investigated further with a mammogram or imaging especially if its growing. 

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