Link between breast aug & cancer (amongst other diseases)?

I'm really excited about getting BA but after doing research stumbled across some forums re mentor silicone implants and links to lymphatic cancer . Also other patients talking about problems like lupus, fatigue , hair loss etc that all resolved once they removed implant . Needless to say I've worried myself now and unsure how safe it is . Please help shed some light. Is it worth the risk ?

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Thank you for your question. There's no increased risk of breast implants and adenocarcinoma of  the breast which is the most common form of breast cancer. In the US, Adenocarcinoma affects about 1 in 11 women over their lifetime. B-cell lymphoma of the breast, on the other hand, occurs in nature at a rate of 1 in a million and is rare. As far as lymphoma of the breast and breast implants, there are around 280 cases reported in total world wide and we have to consider there are millions of women (maybe over 20 million) with breast implants in the world which have been implanted as far back as 1963. This makes it seem very rare, but the fact is there is not enough data at this point to support a link or cause relationship, in my opinion.  Additionally, most of  the cases occur many years after the breast implants were placed and so information about the type of breast implant used and whether it was saline or silicone or smooth shell or textured is often incomplete. I educate all patients on the risks and symptoms of breast lymphoma and breast cancer screening, but it's unlikely I will see a case B cell lymphoma in my career based on the numbers we have available to review at this point. Good luck in doing your research, but the best source for information is going to be your chosen plastic surgeon. 


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Link between breast aug & cancer (amongst other diseases)?

Several studies have indicated that breast implants are not related to autoimmune disease such as lupus erythematosus.

There is an extremely rare Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma in 258 patient's in 5-10,000,000 breast augmentations.  To date  this tumor has occurred in patients with textured breast implants.  Your risk of this condition would be reduced by having smooth-walled silicon gel implants.

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