My left eye still waters 3 months after canthopexy (Photo)

I have seen an oculoplastic surgeon, - chronic blepharitis, as a consequence of the surgery. I was given lubricant eye drops + steroid drops, but no relief so far. I can feel a lump with my finger (dissoluble stitch !?) in the corner of the eye that I think irritates the eye. Eyelid is red and swollen, and lot of pain behind the eye and constant headache, also feeling of coldness in the outer corner. I regularly use heat compresses with the prescribed therapy. Any suggestions?

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Very complicated situation.

There is no substitute for a personal consultation.  You may need to see a general ophthalmologist for a second opinion.  I wonder why you had a lateral canthoplasty in the first place?  You have obviously having an issue.  The photograph is not helpful for assessing your problem.

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