My implant feels disconnected? No severe swelling or anything like that. Still both relatively the same size

I recently moved house. I didn't lift anything strenuous at all, but I was moving clothes in and out of draws etc. The next day I felt my left boob aching, almost like a pulled muscle. When I move it almost feels like the implant isn't connected to the muscle anymore, or the chest wall? It's a strange feeling. It's like I can feel the implant sat there whereas I can't on my right side. The right just feels like one entity. I have a check up with my PS next week too. I'm 2 weeks post op

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Pain after augmentation

Thanks for your question.  You are still very early in the postop period.  It is common to have various aches and pains and it sounds like you have not done any heavy lifting. Many of my patients will have similar complaints as they increase their activity levels after breast augmentation.  That said, you should definitely see your surgeon to make sure that nothing is wrong. 

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