I had rhinoplasty last year and am not happy with the outcome of my nostril shape and the hugely longer philtrum

My nostrils are both very different - is this something I can get fixed? Also since my surgery I have noticed that my philtrum seems longer. I would like to shortern this as it's very long and unattractive. A lip lift isn't an option so would lip fillers give the appearance that the philtrum is shorter than it is. Lastly, would I benefit from botox or fillers for the deep nasolabial folds. I'm 32 and have noticed a dramatic increase in aging and the 'droopiness' of my face over the last 12 months.

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Rhinoplasty results

Thank you for your question and photos.  Unfortunately, I can't really give you any constructive advice based on the photos.  I'd caution you to not make any judgement about your appearance based on photos such as these.  You are almost certainly using a small lens camera at a close focal distance.  This results in significant barrel distortion with the center of the image appearing proportionally larger than objects in the periphery.  Perhaps your philtrum is long, but the images make it appear greatly exaggerated.  I cannot see significant nostril asymmetry in the photos provided.  You may benefit from filler to the nasolabial folds, but an in person exam or more standardized photos would be necessary to give you a fair answer.  If you see this in the mirror (not selfies), then take some photos a a greater distance so that the distortion is minimized, and then zoom in if necessary to evaluate your appearance better.  All the best!

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