I have purple/red nasal tip 5 months after revision of tip. Will it go away? (photos)

I had a primary surgery and then a revision tip with no discolouration issues then I had another revision on my tip to correct some knuckling. My nasal tip is still purple and red, foundation even has trouble covering it. It is more prominent when it's cold. I didn't have this issue at all with my other surgeries.

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3 nasal revisions now with red and purple nose

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If you are not experiencing pain of fever or pain, this discoloration may be temporary as your skins vasculariy heals the skin.

Continue to follow up with your primary surgeon.

Aliso Viejo Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Purple/red nasal tip after third rhinoplasty

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Multiple revision procedures can sometimes lead to vascular insufficiency or venous outflow problems to the skin and soft tissue envelope. Persistent discoloration, like you describe and we can see on these photos is somewhat worrisome for a skin vascular problem. With time, the skin can regain some of it's health and the color could return to normal. I am hoping that this is the case with you. 

Ask your surgeon to evaluate your nasal tip and seek his/her recommendations. Sometimes the topical application of nitro-paste for vasodilation or hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help speed up recovery of the skin/skin color. Best wishes. 

Fred J. Bressler, MD, FACS
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

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