I had Fat transfer to my face 5 months ago.Too much fat at the top of my cheeks .Options ?

Its like I have a bridge at the top of my cheeks where they meet with the under eye area/ temples. I think my face looks weird ,especially around my eyes, think they look hollower in comparison. Is there anything I can do? I've read getting rid of fat can be tricky. Are steroid injections worth trying ? Would fat to areas around the cheeks ( ie temples,in front of ear , tear troughs ) make them look more in proportion ? Thanks for your time and consideration.

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Too much volume on sagging cheeks with fat transfer ?

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In my experience, unfortunately,  the best cure of sagging fatty cheeks after superficial fat transfer is the MICRO-LIPOSUCTION.

After rebalancing the mid face , a SVF injection to bone  surfaces, muscles and deep fat pads according to the photos of the patient younger will restore the harmonious contours.

a photo analysis will give more clues.

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