Fat transfer to face to an immune compromised patients?

What is a surgeon's approach to performing a fat transfer and leaving permanent (plastic) stitches inside a face of an immune compromised patients? What is the risk that patient will have persistent state of Inflammation and pain/swelling, as I have now, 5 months after facelift ? What are the experiences? Thank you

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Immune compromised patients and implantable material

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Whether its permanent sutures or implants immunocompromised patient have surgeries like this performed often usually with no issues so long as they are healthy and on treatment for their medical issues.   I myself have operated on my mother who is on periodic IV therapy and methotrexate for RA without issue.  I have placed a chin implant in a transplant patient who is far out from their transplant and i treated this patient as would have any patient EXCEPT I ensured these patients were healthy and monitored and on the appropriate therapies for their medical issues.

I think if you have chronic issues from your surgery and sutures you need to follow up closely with your surgeon and possible remove the sutures.  You and your surgeon hopefully made sure you were in good health prior to surgery but you could have these issues whether you were immunocompromised or not.  Follow up with your surgeon and maybe get additional opinions in person.  This forum is probably not the best source of information for a patient with your complex medical history.

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