Downside before or after getting pregnant again? (photo)

Dear Doctors, I have my breast implant done 9 months ago. Mentor 250cc mod plus. I felt they are too large for my petite frame and would like to down side. However, I'm planning to have a 2nd child soon and I would like to as if I should downside before this second pregnancy or after? Please help me. Thank you.

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Downside before or after getting pregnant again?

Although there are pros and cons associated with breast surgery done before or after pregnancy, overall I would likely suggest that you wait until you have pregnancies (planned in the near future).  Doing so will potentially help you minimize the total number of operations you undergo (understanding that each operation carries risks and associated expenses).  Having the revision breast surgery performed after completion of pregnancies will allow for you and your plastic surgeon to take into account all the breast changes that have occurred  and achieve an outcome that you will be pleased with long-term ( hopefully without significant future breast changes).   You may find the attached link, dedicated to downsizing breast augmentation revisionary surgery concerns, helpful to you. Best wishes.

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