Can I ask the clinic to stop payments after advice given causing a snowball effect of complications? (Photos)

I had Breast Aug and Abdominoplasty last year. I was told by my Surgeon after 2wks to take off my Bra, it was pushing my boobs up, as a result the girdle from my a/plasty casued trauma to my breast incision, it started to bleed. I had to wear a drainage bag to collect the haemoserous ooze for 3wks it hypergranulated, skin was then frozen off. I developed an infecton, capsular contracture and then had implants removed by his collegue. Had to pay for Hosp, anaethetist & flights. What can I do??

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Post Op Complications

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I'm sorry to hear about your difficulty. The consent documents you would have signed outlining risks and considerations for your procedures, as well as your Plastic Surgeon's financial policies will have to be reviewed. Each practice and each patient is different.
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Stop payments

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Hello, it is difficult to comment on your payments following your unfortunate complication.  Every clinic has different payment policies so there is no standard way of handling an issue such as this.  You would need to contact your clinic.

Post-op complications

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Unfortunately post-op complications can happen and should have been discussed and reviewed as part of the informed consent process. Typically revision surgery costs are also discussed up front by most surgeon(who will be responsible for what costs). Always best to start with your surgeon(s), then if they are not willing to help you consulting with additional surgeons for future work needed would be your choice.

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What can you do?

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I would suggest a second opinion might be a worthwhile undertaking at this stage. It doesn't make much sense to me that the girdle could have caused this.

Review of the records required

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This is a question that should be addressed first with the surgeon.  If necessary, you can get advice from someone who has reviewed the records in detail.

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