Will my breasts continue to drop and are they bottoming out? (photo)

5 ft 3 with 450cc silcone implant. 54 years old very gym active. I feel breasts are too big for frame and now dropping more and started to be painful on top of breast

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Bottoming Out?

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You do not appear to have an issue with bottoming out. There is some natural droop which you likely had before breast augmentation. If you have new discomfort or concerning changes in your breasts it is best that you see your Plastic Surgeon in person to be assessed.
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Will my breasts continue to drop and are they bottoming out?

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Thanks you for your question and images. Your early post operative images indicate that your surgery was performed correctly with a good implant and nipple positioning. With time implants will settle but your main issue appears to be the skin over the upper pole of the breast stretching lowering the position of the nipple and implant over time. This likely reflects the quality of your skin and that it is unable to support the weight of the implant. 450cc implant is a large implant despite what many patients may think. In 20-30 year old women with good skin quality - elastic and collagen, the skin is better able to support the weight of the implant. As we age the quality of the skin reduces and it is more likely to stretch and thin over time. In your age group I would have discussed this possibility prior to surgery and encouraged you to chose as small an implant as possible. RegardsDr Guy Watts 

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