Black, yellow, white and pink tattoo. Which laser would be the best to remove it? (Photo)

Hello everyone, I got this tattoo not much time ago and want it gone. Unfortunately I already know that yellow and white are very hard to remove. I want to know different opinions about the chances of removing completely the tattoo and which laser would be the best. Thank you very much for your help.

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Lisa Simpson tattoo

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Hi there. You are right that yellow and white are difficult colors to remove. You should probably look for a picosecond laser as it uses technology that is less dependent on ink color. Another option would be to fade it somewhat and then get a tattoo that you prefer better over it. Good luck!

Houston Physician
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Removal of yellow and pink tattoo.

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You are correct that yellow and pink are difficult colors to remove.  You should keep in mind that white ink is likely to turn gray when it is treated.  The pink is likely a mix of red and white, so that may actually turn gray as well. You should keep that in mind and have a small area treated as a test prior to having the whole thing treated.  Even if the light colors cannot be completely removed, it will probably be less noticeable with the black outline removed , so that is another consideration if you develop unwanted darkening in the test spots. A picosecond laser will probably work the best.  Enlighten will work well on the dark lines and it might also provide improvement in the colors.  Picosure might work on the colors (but remember about darkening of anything with white) but that laser will have some difficulty with the dark outline.

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Picosure Laser with Redhead Attachment for You

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Hello and thanks for your question.

The white and pink may go grey so be cautious. The redhead attachment on the Picosure Laser would be your best option or a secondary cover up tattoo maybe needed.

Wishing you all the best,

Dr Murray from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine

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