Can my birthmark on my left cheek be removed? (Photo)

Birthmark on left Cheek, Flat pinkish colour, How can I get it removed completely ? And can someone recommend a place in Melbourne ? Previously had work done (shave excision) as it was a little raised, and IPL laser.. However, not entirely happy with the result

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Cafe au lait spot on cheek

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In your case I would be seeking out a provider with a Q switch or Erbium Yag laser and experience treating such birthmarks.  

Studies have shown mixed results with regards to laser treatments, not all lasers are created equal nor their providers so it is good to do your homework.

See attached for further reference and best in seeking the improvement you are looking for.

Warm Regards,
Dr Quinton Chivers

Birth Mark Removal

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There may be several options for removing birthmarks.  The best treatment depends on the location, surrounding skin color, and ability to have more than one treatment.  In your case, a laser modality would likely be best.  Q-switched lasers, PDL laser, or Copper would likely be beneficial.  I would be prepared for more than one treatment.  

John Harbison, MD
Omaha Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Identification of birthmark is the first step- see Dr Bekhor, Melbourne

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The photo helps but we need a little more information on the birthmark- when did it appear, at birth or slightly after, also extreme close ups to see the type of mark, as well as touch- to exclude other vascular lesions. 

You are extremely fortunate to live in Melbourne, as one of the World's leading experts on birthmarks is based in Box Hill. Dr Phillip Bekhor is head of the Birthmark unit at the Royal, however you can see him privately. Just google him. 

He will identify and treat this lesion with the appropriate lasers (Probably V Beam or Excel V)

Dr Davin Lim
Laser dermatologist 
Brisbane, Australia. 

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