Approximately How quickly can one get a tummy tuck after their first consultation?

I am having my first consultation with my Surgeon (to be ) , near the end of August and l want to have the operation mid September, giving a 3 week window, is this enough time to organize things ?I have heard some Dr's include liposuction with their tummy tuck and some do not , what does it depend on?

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Approximately How quickly can one get a tummy tuck after their first consultation?

This will vary with the demand for the surgeon.  
Tummy tuck may be appropriate, but pictures or an exam would be useful to provide a recommendation.
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Tummy tuck and liposuction

Hi there Mena and thanks for posting.
With regards to your question regarding liposuction and TT, the most important factor is whether you need liposuction or not. That will be determined at your consultation. 
If you are referring as to whether it is included as part of the fee, that depends on the extent and location. If it is a small amount, in the area that is being operated on for example with a TT in the upper abdomen or hips, then it is part of the operation and included in the TT fee. If it is more extensive or non tummy areas, e.g. thighs, then it would be considered as a second procedure.
Regarding the timing, your timeline is fine assuming your surgeon has availability in that time frame. 
The medical board has recently announced new guidelines regarding cooling off periods which come into effect in October. In truth these are all pretty reasonable approaches which ARC surgeons already abide by.
Best wishes

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HiMost plastic surgeons will see their patients twice before signing you up for surgery and then there is a cooling off period of at least 7 days to give you time to process everything.  3 weeks is reasonable but that is assuming your surgeon does not have a waiting time for surgery.  It would be better if you could see your surgeon earlier.   I generally try and time surgery around the patient's preference even if it means getting an extra list.  Similarly most surgeons will do liposuction at least to the love handles as part of the procedure however any other area will be assessed separately.Regards

Timing and tummy tuck

Never, ever rush elective surgery.
The liposuction component is a clinical decision, based on *you* and your body....not the surgeon. Find someone who can do it, and decide whether you need it. A plastic surgeon without capability to liposuction, who doesn't refer you if needed, is not worth your time. 
The abdominoplasty is a surgery that requires recovery. The surgeon doesn't need much planning...but you do. And ultimately, your surgeon and their staff would be able to manage these questions. If they can't look for another provider. 

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