Is it possible to achieve this "close-together" cleavage/implant look going off my small starting point? (Photo)

I've attached some photos of desired "looks" that I'm wanting to attain with ether anatomic or round implants and am after your opinions as to whether or not this is an achievable aesthetic based on my current starting point (minimal breasts post-children)? Specifically, I desire breasts that are quite close together with minimal gap in between as per the photos. I appreciate your time in answering my question. Thanks, Jess.

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Breast cleavage

Hi Jess.

Breast implants are designed to produce volume and shape changes in the breast but surgeons must work within the anatomical confines of each person's natural breast.  Cleavage is based on the natural skin folds and the laxity of the inner skin on each breast.  Implants don't in and of themselves create cleavage in the naked state.  What they do do is give you the volume to create a cleavage with different supportive bras / lingerie.

Hope this helps.


How to get narrow cleavage


Achieving a narrow cleavage is often a request and it is possible though the the degree and result is largely going to determined by the starting point.

The result can be achieved by moving the implant in towards the middle but it will need to be covered with tissue to avoid rippling and as the cleavage narrow the risk of rippling will increase. To avoid this under the muscle is a good option and then increasing the tissue coverage with fat grafting to the cleavage is another option.

in short the best result will be a balance of what is desired and what is possible and an expert opinion will be able to assess and advice the best approach in each patient

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Is it possible to achieve this "close-together" cleavage/implant look going off my small starting point?

The width of your cleavage is determined by the width of your breast bone and implants cannot change that. Based on your photos it is unlikely that your cleavage will be narrowed. However understand that close together cleavage that you show is only possible with a push up bra. Implants will definitely make your breasts fuller and have a nice effect..

Is it possible to achieve this "close-together" cleavage/implant look going off my small starting point? (Photo)

The safest way to achieve a nice cleavage is to perform fat transfer to the  after breast implantation. The risk of having implants too close together is the potential for symmastia or "unibreast". The resultant deformity is hard to fix after the implant pocket has healed. There may be a problem finding enough donor fat on you though, and the need to "bulk up" a bit before the fat is harvested may be a good idea. 

Hope this helps. 

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