Does IPL diminish the effects of Botox?

My therapist would not perform IPL on my FOREHEAD today. She said IPL would DIMINISH the effectiveness of the BOTOX that was injected a month before. I challenged her on this but she insisted such was the case. Can you clarify this for me? I had already paid up front so perhaps she had a vested interest making this claim. Cynical aren't I?? :)

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IPL and Botox

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IPL does not diminish the effectiveness of Botox.  You should wait one day in between treatment of IPL and Botox to avoid any manipulation of the Botox.  Your therapist does not sound like a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Toronto Dermatologist

No risk

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There are some papers in the literature domonstrating there is no reduction of activity of the drug even when treatment is immediately after the injection. After 1 month there is no active drug anymore, you just got the effect of the drug, so there is no chance to diminish its efficacy with IPL

Giovanni Salti, MD
Italy Dermatologic Surgeon

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