Can I Have a Fraxel Treatment on my Face Only 4 Weeks After Neck Lift? OR.. Can FRAXEL on the Neck/chin Area Speed Recovery?

Can I have a FRAXEL treatment on my face only, 4 weeks after a NECK LIFT? I have had 3 fraxel treatments in the past and have found they improve my skin quality enormously. On the other hand, could FRAXEL actually be beneficial for assisting with the healing process? If that IS the case, when could neck/chin Fraxel be performed in relation to time out from surgery?

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Wait 6 Weeks Before Laser Treatments After Neck Lift

Thank you for your question.  I doubt that Fraxel Restore treatments will harm your neck lift results however you must speak with your surgeon and follow his or her advice.  Fraxel Restore is a superficial laser treatment however Fraxel Repair utilizes a CO2  laser which can interfere with circulation and wound healing.  In my practice I recommend waiting 6 weeks before having laser treatments after facelift and neck lift surgery.

Fraxel Restore 4 Weeks After Facelift

Hi Madelaine,

Speak with your facelift surgeon and Fraxel physician.  If you are having Fraxel restore it should be safe to have the laser treatment 4 weeks after your neck lift.  Good luck and be well.

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