Diffuse redness, broken capillaries mild roseacea, what frequencies and light waves are best for me?

Which laser is best suited to address redness and roseacea? The following have been recommended. Gemini, Excel and Limelight. Different practises, different machines, different, 'expert' advice! Can you tell me which FREQUENCIES AND/OR LIGHT WAVES are most suitable so I can compare apples with apples and not just brand names. Have had IPL but I want to try laser therapy.

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The Cutera Excel V is specific to treating broken blood vessels and redness

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Different colored spots in the skin are targeted by different lasers based on their respective wavelengths.  The Cutera Excel V is specific to treat the small broken vessels on the face and body.  This laser has two different wavelengths that are targeted to get either the more superficial broken veins or the deeper ones.  It can be used on both the face and the body.   The Laser Genesis series is good to treat diffuse redness such as that from Rosacea if you don't want any downtime. 

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