Will Topical Creams Alone Work on Melasma?

After about 4 years of living with what I believed to be just pigmentation marks, I finaly consulted with a dermatologist and was told that I have Melasma. I will start using Tri-Luma (pm) and Phyto+ and Phloretin CF (am) today, until fall/winter and then wanted to start with Fraxel laser treatment sessions. But after having read the reviews about it getting worse or not helping at all, I am very scared to go thru with this; not only because of the plus-sized bill I'll be paying but I certainly do not want to look even worse than now. Will these topical creams help on its own if I am patient?

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Melarase creams for melasma as a longterm solution

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Topical creams will work on melasma, particularly if you control the underlying cause of melasma.  I recommend the Melarase creams to my patients and have found excellent short and longterm success. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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