Melasma Treatment for Slightly Olive Skin?

I'm Italian with slighly olive skin. I have been on hydroquinone cream for almost a year and have had 6 IPL treatments on my face for melasma caused by pregnancy. I've had so-so results with minimal reduction of the melasma on my forehead. I also experienced red, raised bumps around the edges of my face after each IPL treatment. Now, the esthetician and doctor are recommending either a Melange peel for my face or a TCA peel for just my forehead.

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Topical treatment for Melasma with MelaPeel and Melarase creams

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Melasma is difficult to control as long as the causative factors are still present. After reviewing your case in my office, I would discuss your risk factors and then begin you on topical Melarase creams followed by once-monthly MelaPeels. 

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