What is the Safest, Long Lasting Treatment for Melasma?

Which between AHA, BHA, tretinoin, mandelic acid, celacor treatment, and hydroquinone is best for melasma? I think hydroquinone is too harsh with great but short-lasting effects.

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Effective long-term treatment of melasma requires and effective short term treatment an a long-term maintenance program of skin

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In my hands, the best treatment for melasma involves an aggressive short term treatment to get rid of the pigment and then a long-term skin maintenance program to keep the pigment away.  Short I recommend two or more treatments with the Fraxel Restore 1550nm laser spaced about two weeks apart.  In between Fraxel Restore Laser treatments, I recommend using the Cosmion Iontophoretic Rejuvenating Mask three times a week for one hour each treatment.  This mask infuses 20% ascorbyl glucoside (Vitamin C) into the skin using a proven medical process called iontophoresis.  A 0.5mm needle wheel is used before each mask treatment to enhance infusion of the Vitamin C.   For daily maintenance skin care, I recommend M2 mandelic/malic acid products (SkinCareRx.com) in 12% for sensitive skin and 20% for less sensitive skin.  These products contain long-chain alphahydroxy acids that inhibit the production of pigment in the skin.  In addition I recommend a shoulder-to-shoulder hat and an effective UVA/UVB sun block such as Laroche Possay Anthelios 60 to completely protect the face from sun exposure.  I have treated over 100 patients over the past three years with this protocol.

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