Melasma Treatment for Someone with Rosacea?

What is a good and safe treatment for Melasma if I also have rosacea? I have very fair skin with freckles, moles and some sun damage also.

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Rosacea and Melasma may be worsened by inconsistent sun protection

Unfortunately, there is a common denominator between your rosacea and sun damage, namely accumulation of years of sun exposure. Adhere to consistent daily sun protection with SPF 45 or high sunscreen, and reapply between 10am-4pm when outdoors are critical. Antioxidant vitamin C serum in the morning prior to sunscreen application may be helpful. See your board-certified dermatologist and consider using a more gentle prescription bleaching cream and/or retinoid as patients with rosacea may have more sensitive skin. In addition, you may benefit from low-dose anti-inflammatory oral doxycycline antibiotics. IPL can be administered (only for fair skin individuals) but with conservative setting as melasma may worsened. The new gold standard treatment for melasma is Spectra Laser (Q-switched Nd:Yag laser).

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