Melasma Related to Estrogen or Progesterone?

is melasma particularly related to estrogen or progesterone? i am currently on oral birth control and switching to an IUD

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Four causes of melasma; Estrogen and Progesterone influence on Skin Pigmentation

Melasma is characterized by uneven pigmentation. The pigment cells underlying the pigmentation are genetically programmed to respond to the effects of hormones estrogen and progesterone by producing excessive pigment compared to normal pigment cells.

The hormones cause excessive production of melanin and this corresponds to darkening of the skin. The pigmentation is excessive and is usually progressive with time. Cessation of exogenous hormones may lighten the pigmentation, but there is no way to stop the effects of endogenous (your own bodies normal estrogen and progesterone) hormones.  Begin with the Melaquin AM and Melaquin PM creams if you feel the pigmentation is worsening. 

Melasma will worsen with normal estrogen and progesterone levels, exogenous hormones such as birth control pills, and pregnancy.



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