I Have Melasma,and Permanent and Semipermanent Fillers with Olive Skin Tone. What Laser Will Not Harm the Fillers ?

I have melasma and I have hispanic, french, middleeastern background. I have tried 5 photo facicals which improved it and then made it worse. I have also tried bleaching cremes, and Hydroquinone. However I also have a silica permanent filler called Dermagen in my face as well as hydrolonic acid. I would like to get the FX laser treatment but do not want to risk worse pigmentation. And my other concern is will the FX laser disturb or change fillers under the skin?

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Fraxel dual might help melamsa with Elure lightening cream.

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Melasma is stubborn and no treatment is fullproof.  Any topical cream or laser that irritates the skin may induce more postinflammatory hyperpigmenation while trying to lighten the darkening from the melasma.  using the new Elure from Syneron as a lightening cream before the use of a laser such as Fraxel Dual, and then continuing the Elure post procedural after healing, may help.  In addition, the use of Retin A and even the 4% hydroquinone may continue.  Unfortuantely the melasma could worsen again. Strict use of high sunscreens and religous sun avoidance are imperative as just a few minutes of ultraviolet exposure can make months of treatment's good effectiveness go away suddenly to be replaced with new darkeining.

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Lasers and fillers

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A doctor did a study around 5-10 years ago on this subject and found that the penetration of the lasers could not reach fillers. So you can get fillers and not have to worry about damaging the results through lasers.

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Lasers don't penetrate fillers

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When fillers are injected correctly, they are injected deeper than lasers, or laser resurfacing machines, or IPL can penetrate, thus, they are unaffected by these types of treatments. Additionally, they do not have color in them, which means that lasers and fillers together would not create pigment problems. I do not think the FX laser is a good treatment for melama if that's what you are trying to treat. It's a resurfacing machine but does not have the ability to treat colors, like browns, associated with melasma.

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