How Many Melanotan Injections Are Needed?

im considerin getting some melaotan - 2 injections - but not sure how much i should get being a first timer?

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Melanotan injections

Melanotan is still under investigation for both safety and effectiveness. Until all the clinical studies are complete I would not recommend using this product. It may take another year or two.

Burr von Maur, MD

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
22 reviews

Melatonin injections- beware

There have been no long-term clinical trials and the side effects of this chemical are unknown. If it could potentially darken or otherwise change moles it could be dangerous. Reactions to the drug vary from person to person ranging from acute allergic reactions, to dizziness, sickness and acne. Since its only available on the internet, probably from sources outside the USA, there is no way of knowing what is actually in the bottle or how it will react to other medicines.

Lorrie Klein, MD
Lorrie Klein, MD
Laguna Niguel Dermatologic Surgeon
220 reviews

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