Can my Scar Be Improved?

I have a history of melanoma and recently had another spot removed. However, this one was on my left cheek. Is there any way this scar can be improved? Is it possible to have it covered by OHIP because they went longer and deeper, given my cancer history? Your time and advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

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Release of scar tissue on the face

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Your best option for treatment of the scar is subcision and stimulatory fillers.  I would begin by subcision and release of tethering scar bands.

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Best options for facial scar revision

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Hi Catherine,

Thanks for posting the picture, it makes it easier to make recommendations. We feel there are two good options in your case, but we are not sure if either of them would be covered by your health insurance in Canada.

We feel you should look into either option below. Good luck.

  • Surgical Revision or
  • Subcision combined with laser resurfacing (CO2, Erbium or Fractional)

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Scar revision

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You should see a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in this technique.  Your best bet to locate a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area is to contact

Jack Gelman, MD
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