Medpore Implant To Augment The Nose 6 Years Before Is It Possible Implant Infection Or Exposure?

I had this habit i was plucking my nose hair one day i plucked my nose hair day after that i had a a drinage tenderness coming from the left nosrtil the doctor gave me a antibiotic and the drinage gone but tell now i feel some pain in the samenostrill near the tip and some time small amount yelloiwsh disharge and blood but there is no tenderness and redness in the nose .the doctor said that i had problem with the place where the hair grown and gave me a cream for staphylococcus auerous your help plz

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Possible medpor nasal implant infection

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If your drainage is not improved with oral and topical antibiotics, you may want to visit your plastic surgeon to determine whether or not your nasal implant requires removal. Best wishes.

Medpore implant

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Drainage is indicative of infection. It may not respond to local therapy or antibiotics for that matter. It may require removal. Close observation by your surgeon is recommended. Donald R. Nunn MD Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Medpor Implant Infection

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Yes it sound like you may have an infection in the Medpor. If you do, then it should be removed. This is unlikely to get better with just antibiotic therapy.

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