Medpore Get Exposed by the Body or Own Body Material Get Exposed for Ear Reshaping Surgery?

hello Dr. I want one help from you.. We discussed with many doctors, One doctor is suggesting for medpore because according to him own body material will get exposed by the body. N another doctor is suggesting us that own body material because according to him medpore can be exposed by the body... can u suggest us which have the more possibility to get exposed by the body? waiting for your reply...

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Medpore for ear surgery

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Medpore is a synthetic material which can be used in ear reconstruction.  This is in cases where all or a part of the ear is not present.  There are pros and cons to Medpore versus using your own cartilage in ear reconstruction.

For ear reshaping, Medpore does not play a role.  Consider reshaping cartilage with a variety of sutures and/or excisional techniques.

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Medpor Used for Ear Reshaping: Proceed with Caution

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Medpor is a synthetic material used for ear reconstruction and facial augmentation.  It is a solid, porous, plastic-like material.   It has some wonderful uses in ear reconstruction, and I have personally performed over 25 ear reconstructions with this material.   It is not recommended to place Medpor directly under thin skin in the ear area, as the material can errode through the skin.   When used in the ear area, Medpor should be covered with deeper tissue, such as fascia.   When used in the facial area, it is placed under fatty and muscle tissue.


It you are interested in Medpor for a cosmetic use in the ear area, I would stay away from this application.   Used by an experienced reconstructive ear surgeon for ear reconstruction, the material works well.


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