Medpor Mandibular Angle Implants - Infection. Should I Get Them Removed?

Summary: Medpor Mandibular Angle Implants intra-orally - both sides. Trouble only on one side. ==== Antibiotics 2 days before through 5 days post op (day 5). Slight oral discharge noticed day 16. Sudden significant swelling day 22. Clindamycin 300mg, 3/day, warm comps, day 23 to day 43. Continue warm comps day 44 thru 51, slight return of asym. Cold applied day 51. Overnight - noticeable asym, warm/cold applied today. Now close to sym again. Any guesses at the chance of needing removal?

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Lower jaw facial implants can get Infected

If the implants were placed intraorlly, the 2 nd to 3rd week is the time infection can occur. Since there is some discharge, it should be sampled and sent for a culture to determine which bugs are growing on it. Tis is the best chance to salvage it as well as constant irrigation in the area of the incision with an antibiotic solution of Peridex 3 times a day. If it doesn't resolve by the 6th week it should be removed, allowed to heal and replaced after 4 to 6 months.

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Infected Medpor Implants

I have not seen you or have examined you, but from your description it seems as if you have an infected Medpor implant.  If there was no relief with the initial antibiotic course, the best course of action in my experience is implant removal, allow the areas to heal and then have the implants replaced.  This is one of the complication risks with facial implants, especially ones that are placed intraorally.  It is easily rectified with the removal and delayed replacement.  Wishful thinking usually will not help.  Talk with your surgeon and discuss this option, Im sure he / she will be open to it.  Also, NEVER place Ice on a suspected Infection, It will make the stuation worse, it decreases blood supply to the area allowing the bacteria to replicate faster.

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