Medpor Implant 5 Years Ago to Augment Bridge?

I am having some pain with small amount of blood and yellowish discharge in the last 6m i went to ENT specilist he said i had stap infection and give me fucicort cream what is the best way to know if having implant infection or not

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Nasal Infection 5 Years after Medpor Implant

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If the infection does not respond to antibiotic treatment it may be necessary to remove the  implant. This is one reason that I have preferred to use the patient's own tissue when grafting the nose over the past 35 years to avoid this problem with synthetic implants.

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Possible nasal implant infection

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If you are having drainage from your nose and the area of the implant is warm then there is a high likelihood that the implant is infected and needs to be removed.

Infected medpor implant?

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If you have an infection with your medpor nasal implant, then it probably will need to be removed. Best to follow closely with your surgeon.


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If you have drainage from the nose and have an implant, it is infected.  This will require removal.  You could always use your own cartialage for re-augmentation in the future once the infection is completely resolved.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Medpor Implant Infection

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Most likely this is a Medpor implant infection. I would advise that you see a skilled surgeon to remove the implant and treat it accordingly.



Delayed infection a possibility with Medepore implant after rhinoplasty.

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You may indeed have an infection of the prosthesis. The risk for infection with Medepore is an online graft is very low and frankly rare in a delayed fashion. Nevertheless it's possible and can be diagnosed by physical examination.

Rhinoplasty implant infection?

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This is likely to be an implant infection. Artificial implants such as Medpor, silicone, and Gore-tex are risky when placed in the nose during rhinoplasty because of their risk of infection requiring removal and revision rhinoplasty.  In your case, there is no specific test or X-ray exam that can be performed to determine if your implant is infected. The only way is to diagnose an implant infection is "clinically", i.e. with a nasal exam. Definitely see your surgeon and make him/her aware. I'd recommend starting antibiotics and intranasal saline rinses until a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan are made. And you might find Chapters 12 in my book useful. It deals with complications from facial implants, specifically. It was written by a really wonderful facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Edwin Williams. See the link below for further information. 

Possible infection of Implant

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This could potentially be a big problem. If there is pus draining, redness, tenderness, and/or exposure of the implant, you should see a physician who is experience with revision rhinoplasty. It is possible that the implant would need to be removed as it is difficult to clear an infection after it sets into the implant. At the very least, antibiotics should be administered either through an oral route, or IV route. I have no experience with fucicort cream

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