Do I Need to Have a Medpor Implant in my Tip Removed Before It Can Be De-rotated?

I had an open revision rhino w/ a Medpor/pore-tex implant, ear cartilage, & tip elevation. I don't like how much my tip was angled up so high (3 cm--only found out after the operation itself, doctor offered to elevate it on the spur of the moment & didn't explain the process at all.) What would be entailed in bringing my tip closer to its original place on my face?

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Do I Need to Have a Medpor Implant in my Tip Removed Before It Can Be De-rotated?

 Generally speaking, with a Rhinoplasty the tip can be rotated upward by techniques that involve the tip directly as well as indirectly.  However, to rotate the tip downward is a bit more difficult.  Over the past 25 years, I have only found two methods of rotating the tip downward.

  1. Tucking the Columella, while not actually adjusting the nasal tip, does make the tip apear to be rotated downward.
  2. Adding cartilage to the front, of the nasal tip, elongatres the tip which appears to make the tip look like it's rotated downward.
  3. In the special circumstance where a tip graft is placed too high, on the tip, giving the illusion of over-rotation...removal and replacement of the graft is the correct solution.  Only an in person examination would verify this is indeed the case.  Hope this helps.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

While it's hard to say without evaluating you properly and without seeing any photos, it sounds like you are trying to rotate the tip down.  This can be achieved while usually keeping tip cartilage or implants in place, although you may want to have the implant removed and replaced with your own tissue.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can assist you in achieving the results you seek.

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