Do Medpor Chin Implants Cause Skin Erosion Long Term?

I am considering a medpor chin implant Because it is rather permanent compared to the silicon ones However i read in an essay that chin implants cause the erosion of the skin in the long term. Is it true? Please help.

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Medpor chin implants and skin erosion

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All chin implants to the bone do cause a slight amount of resorption of the mandible. Medpor implants are problematic if they ever have to be removed and they are more hard and firm. Both are permanent implants. Silicone implants do not cause any erosion of the skin in the long term.

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Chin implants

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Erosion of the chin implants through the skin is caused by very thin coverge of the implant, or infection.

Implants can erode the bone on the long run, Medpore chin implants should not erode through either skin or bone if it is done correctlly

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Medpor chin implants cause skin erosion long term

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It is possible but if inserted correctly with enough sub cutaneous and muscle tissue padding there should be no erosion. Discuss with your surgeon in detail.

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