I Had a Medpor Chin Implant Almost 3 Years Ago, Looking For Surgeon in SC To Remove?

desire, to my PS, to have it removed. He doesn't appear very confident in removing it. I am desperate and full of regret. Is it possible, is there a PS in SC with experience in removing this type of implant? Please help!

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How to Find a Surgeon to Remove Chin Implant

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Plastic surgeons, Facial plastic surgeons, and oral surgeons all have experience in removing chin implants including those made of Medpor.

See the below reference to locate a plastic surgeon in your area.


Plastic surgeon for chin implant removal

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Since you are on real self I would suggest looking in to some of the doctors listed in South Carolina. Most Plastic Surgeons and certainly facial Plastic surgeons have experience in removing these types of implants. Personally I do not use this type of implant and never did. My experience from seeing other surgeons patients is that there is a fair amount of patient dissatisfaction with these implants and they are harder to remove then other types. If you do not find anyone of real self then I would suggest asking around town for a referral and seeing several consultations until you find someone extremely comfortable with the removal procedure. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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