What Treatment Should I Do To Remove Childhood Freckles?

I'm 37 and Chinese.. I would like to have my freckles removed but not sure which laser works best for my skin. I have heard the IPL only works best for lighter skin. I am looking into medlite c6 or Gemini laser but not sure which is best or any other laser best for my skin. I want to remove all as it has been bothering me since childhood.

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How to Remove Freckles

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Thank you for your question. Usually we see freckles fade in 2-3 treatments with IPL.  If you still have the freckles, you can have laser treatments with KTP 532 or 755 Alexandrite, which both are very good with your fair skin type.  Prior to your treatment, we always want our patients to use a bleaching cream.  This helps to preserve and maintain the benefits of the laser treatment, and provide some persistence in the color reduction.  Sunscreen also helps to maintain the benefit.  Seeing a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon who can assess your condition, and determine if you may need advanced laser therapy or advanced chemical peels would be a good option for you at this point. I hope this helps.

Removing freckles

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IPL treatment is a reasonable option.  I would avoid true laser treatments and use IPL technology instead.  We use a Sciton IPL machine.  We did significant research before purchasing the Sciton and found it had the best IPL reviews. Other treatment options do include chemical peeling.  However, since you are Asian, you must be careful not to depigment/ bleach the treated areas. 

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