Medium Size Hairy Mole Removal, What is the Best Way? (photo)

My wife has a medium size congenital nevi on her left hand, approx. 2 and a half inch diameter, slightly raised and hairy (see picture). She wanted to removed it so what is the best way to remove this kind of mole ?

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Excision medium mole on dorsum of hand

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There is no easy solution for this as it would require an excision and the reconstruction with a full thickness skin graft.  This will replace the pigmented mole with a skin patch which is a slightly different colour however it would look less obvious than the dark mole in this area.  The other option which is a little more risky in terms of complications is to place an expander on the back of the hand and forearm and stretch the skin out.  Then the mole could be excised and the skin directly closed, leaving you with a straight line closure.  This is much more risky and had a larger risk of infection and pain.  I would still go down the graft pathway as I think this result will not look too bad down the tract and and has more acceptable complications.

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