Medium Depth Facial Peels: TCA 25% Vs. Glycolic 60%

Recently experimenting with at-home facial peels & pleased with the results. My skin hardly flakes with Glycolic 30%; I've been able to go up to about 6-8 minutes. TCA 25% (medium-depth) on smaller using one layer for about 2-3 minutes gives me a good peel which heals up in a few days. I would like to try Glycolic 60% (also medium-depth) on other smaller areas & simply wonder what to expect. How will medium-depth Glycolic behave in comparison to TCA? Is it a similar type of peeling?

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Medium Depth Facial Peels: TCA 25% Vs. Glycolic 60%- at home?

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It is in your best interest to have a medium depth peeled administered by someone with experience. Otherwise you are putting yourself at risk for infection and scar formation.

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