what's the best area to get body hair for head transplant?

I have done an FUE hair transplantation but didn't get good results, my hair is thin and needs a lot of wok that I'm considering other than my occiput to donor for my next operation. Where should that hair come from? Could the beard and chest hair give long lasting results in filling the gaps? will harvesting from there leave ugly pointy scars? what are my options?

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Body hair

The best hair from the body is from the beard although the character of the hair is usually more coarse. Body hair from elsewhere looks like body hair not head hair and does not grow to any reasonable length. Half of all body hair is in telogen (sleep mode) so although it is there, it does not grow. 

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FUE and body hair transplant

After the scalp, the beard is usually the best area to use for donor hair.  After that, the back and chest hair can then be used as well.  Body hair is an excellent source of donor for added density.  It is by no way helpful in critical area of the scalp.  I do not recommend it if there is still viable scalp donor available.  The problems with body hair FUE is that it is not always reliable.  The yield can be lower (how many hairs actually take after being transplanted)  Also, especially for back and chest, the results are not that impressive.In your case I would recommend working with your FUE surgeon and find out why the results were not what they should have been.  Maybe there is an underlying hair loss disease going on.  Maybe there was poor planning with regards to the surgery itself, etc.  There could be many reasons for your "poor results."

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Just because you had a bad result does not mean you have a bad donor area. It may mean the surgery was bad.

Just because you had a bad result does not mean you have a bad donor area.  It may mean the surgery was bad.  Body hair is generally not preferred over scalp hair.

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