Can I Use Other Medicine for Acne After Using Unfinished Dose of Roaccutane?

i did not finished using roaccutane. i took the medicine for only 4 months and because i haven't seen any improvement on my face, i decided to stop using it... my question is, can i use other acne medicine on my face immediately after taking unfinished roaccutane course? thank you..

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At least visit your prescribing physician

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For some people Accutane (or Roaccutane) can take several months for effects to take place, and some patients can be on the medication for 8-12 months. For me, when I put patients on it, I don't see topicals as a solution for the type of acne they have. For instance, if patients have large cystic acne, I don't think topicals ever work, and many other medications like Doxycyline or Minocycline or others aren't good enough. All of that being said, you won't have any issues or problems with not finishing your cycle, other than your acne most likely will not clear up. You can apply medicines and use other medications, but I really think the reason that you were probably put on Roaccutane is that your acne is simply not treatable with other forms of medication and you're going to become even more frustrated. I would suggest you return to your prescribing physician and see what he or she says. You may need a higher dose. A lot of times I put people on 20mg at first, followed by 40mg about halfway through. You need a certain amount of the medication (which is based on your weight, duration and type of acne, and mg of Accutane). Not getting the full dosage will just mean your acne won't clear.

Acne treatments

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Accutane is the strongest medicine we have for acne. However, if your acne is hormonal or there is another underlying reason for it, you may not get the results you want using Accutane.

Accutane is a retinoid. There are cream formulations of various retinoids, with Retin-A being the most famous. There are other ones that are even stronger, such as Tazorac. That can be an option for you, if your acne is not cystic.

Once acne is deep and or cystic, oral medicines such as antibiotics or aldactone can be used to control your acne.

Please get a consultation from a dermatologist. You really need a comprehensive approach if your 4 months of treatment did not yield any results.

Tanya Kormeili, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologist

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